3 Smart Reads for Beauty-Loving Bookworms

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Confession: I’m a little bit of a beauty nerd. When I was in college, I wrote a term paper on Estée Lauder and even now, in my own free time—when I could binging on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Netflix—I’d rather dive into a tome about the beginnings of eyeliner in ancient Egypt. I get that not that everyone is as entrenched in the beauty world as I am, so I’ve rounded up my three favorite, fun-to-read beauty books (including one that just hit shelves this summer).

The French Beauty Solution
Reading this new book (out this month!) by Caudalie skincare founder Mathilde Thomas is likely the closest I’ll ever get to gleaning advice from a cool, impossibly-chic, French friend. In it, Thomas reveals her time-tested beauty secrets, including DIY fixes and science-backed solutions to issues like acne. Feeling ambitious? Try the three-day grape detox Thomas swears by—your skin will be all the better for it. ($16; amazon.com)

Free Gift with Purchase: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup
If you’re interested in a career in the editorial side of the beauty world, Jean Godfrey June’s memoir is a must-read: She’s got years of magazine-editor experience under her belt and the stories to match. Her straightforward—never snarky—accounts of everything from a horrifying makeover to rubbing elbows with Tom Ford…on a bed…will leave you literally LOL-ing. You’d be hard-pressed to find a beauty editor who hasn’t read this. ($11; amazon.com)

Lessons of a Lipstick Queen: Finding and Developing the Great Idea That Can Change Your Life
Somewhere between an autobiography and how-to guide, this book by Lipstick Queen founder Poppy King (yep, the woman behind the world’s most versatile lipstick), is equal parts entertaining and enlightening. King candidly shares the struggles she faced as a first-time business owner, detailing the rise, fall, and comeback of her multimillion-dollar company. The story is dotted with personal anecdotes and career-building advice for entrepreneurs of all sorts. ($20; amazon.com)

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