For those of us who grew up in the early aughts, aka the heydey of emo and pop-punk, bands like Good Charlotte, Panic! At the Disco, and Fall Out Boy were the only ones ever playing on the radio. But now, with the revival of the aforementioned "Sugar, We're Going Down" singers, who are set to tour this summer alongside Wiz Khalifa, and Death Cab for Cutie (whose long-awaited eighth album Kintsugi comes out March 31) another coterie of pale, long-haired crooners is joining the ranks.

Sleeping with Sirens, a five-piece post-hardcore band that hails from Orlando, Fla., has slowly been gaining momentum since their 2009 debut, racking up an impressive 2.9 million Facebook fans and more than one million Twitter followers (and counting), and their new album, Madness (out now), has recently gained the coveted title of Top Rock Album on iTunes.

According to frontman Kellin Quinn, their easy-to-listen-to melodic pop-rock, although originally intended for mohawked teenypoppers, has completely gone mainstream. "We're seeing a lot more frat boys in Aéropostale at our shows," he tells InStyle, confessing that a majority of their fan group was previously comprised of 14 to 18-year-old teens. And their latest release promises to yield even more nostalgic listeners.

With tracks like "Kick Me," a punk-fueled anthem that speaks out against bullies, to "Madness," a soft-sounding love ballad, and producer John Feldmann, who propelled both Madden brothers to fame, on board, Sleeping with Sirens is poised to bring the next generation of emo-punks to fruition. Hang on to your hair gel.

Watch the video for "Go, Go, Go" below, and buy Madness for $12 on the iTunes Store.