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If you liked the sassy humor of Trainwreck and even found yourself rooting for Amy and Dr. Connors in that ridiculous final scene, add Sleeping with Other People to your must-watch list right now. This is the next flick in a series of hilarious romcoms that are snarky, smart, and feature sexually empowered, grown-up women. They’re women who know they have flaws but also know that they’re ridiculously amazing, so they roll with it. That’s why they’re so fun to watch.

Sleeping with Other People tells the story of still not having it together in your 30s—hallelujah—more specifically, the misadventures of Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis). It is written and directed by Leslye Headland, the talented and funny brain behind 2012’s Bachelorette. In the film, Lainey cheats on her boyfriend constantly with a past love (played by Adam Scott) who doesn’t love her back, while Jake is a promiscuous commitment-phobe whose M.O. is to ruin any relationship he may slightly care about. The two, who once had a one-night stand while in college, reconnect 12 years later at a meeting for sex addicts. Sparks fly, but they want to maintain their friendship, so they make a rule: No sex with each other. What follows is a story about friends who become lovers in the most hysterical of ways. (There is one scene that involves a bottle that will leave you either on the floor laughing or totally freaked out.)

We first met the cast when they were at the Sundance Film Festival to premiere the movie in January, and then again during the Tribeca Film Festival in April. The 32-year-old Brie, who’s been known as the good girl coed for six seasons of Community and the prim wife Trudy Campbell on 36 episodes of Mad Men, said this was an important role for her to take to show her more mature side. “I needed a personal evolution in my career to say everyone I’m an adult woman after playing a college student for years and years,” she told us at Sundance.

Therefore, she did something she’s never done before: “This movie is the first time I’ve done very vulnerable sex scenes,” she said. “It’s the first time doing them, but that’s why I wanted to do it. I’m a contemporary adult woman. I have sex. I make mistakes. It was nice to play something like that. A little more mature in an empowering way. This movie felt like a safe environment to explore a female’s sensuality and sexuality in a way that’s very authentic and real not exploitative.”

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Not only will you love watching Brie and Sudeikis, you will cherish the scenes featuring Jason Mantzoukas and Margaret Odette, who play Jake’s married friends with kids living in the suburbs. Mantzoukas is known for his loudmouth characters (most notably, Rafi from The League), and his turn as Xander in this flick is no different. He’s hysterical.

But not to worry—this is truly Brie and Sudeikis’s movie. The buzz has been building for this film for months. Now that it’s finally being released in theaters, we’ve got to say, it’s worth the wait. Watch a trailer below.