This Is the Skincare Treatment That Stars Like Emmy Rossum Will Be Getting Before the Oscars

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Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage, emmyrossum/Instagram

Red carpet skin doesn’t happen overnight. Stars like Emmy Rossum indulge in regular spa sessions to keep her face camera-ready. She’s been a faithful client at the Face Place for years, and we spoke with co-owner Tony Silla to find out all of the glamorous details behind the red carpet-worthy procedure that his celebrity regulars are obsessed with.

Silla explained to InStyle, “The signature treatment at Face Place is one of the most popular treatments that we offer.” The stars love the results so much that they typically make appointments for at least once every two weeks. The skin expert even confessed, “Whenever a special event is coming up our clients usually increase the frequency of treatments. Sometimes they even come in twice a week just to maximize the vitamin C glow.”

So what exactly does the signature treatment include? "First we cleanse the skin using a very gentle milky cleanser," then warm towels that have been soaked in a yucca root solution are applied to the skin. "The yucca actually breaks down everything that’s inside the pores, making it easier to clean the pores." Silla prefers to warm the solution up on the skin with dry heat instead of steam. "Your skin perspires too much under the steam, causing you to lose moisture, so we use dry heat to keep moisture in place."

Now the skin is ready for extractions (aka removing all of the gunk inside of clogged pores). "After we’ve cleaned out all of the pores, we apply a collagen elastin solution, and then we build on top of the skin a pack that is soaked in a vitamin mineral solution." This is the fun part that Rossum shared in a selfie on Instagram (above). It looks frightening, but a galvanic current is used on top of that to help the anti-inflammatory and collagen-stimulating ingredients penetrate the skin.

Celebrity faces aren't the only areas that receive so much TLC. The pro also confessed that many stars also get the treatment done on their backs. "During awards season a lot of our clients are showing more skin, so they'll also come in for back treatments as well."

There's no need to be jealous of the red carpet treatment. Silla also explained that you can improve your skin's appearance from the comforts of your home. "Simply lying down and elevating your legs for twenty seconds or even a minute will help get all of the circulation going to the upper part of your body." Increased circulation is key to that coveted glow. Don't believe us? Just ask Cara Delevingne.

The Signature Facial Treatment is available for $160 at the Face Place's New York location, $140 in Los Angeles, and £130 in London. Call the closest clinic near you to schedule an appointment.

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