By Sarah Walter
Updated Nov 25, 2014 @ 6:45 pm
Credit: White Loft Studio

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s really only one dessert—the pie. While no one’s going to object to a pumpkin pie encased in a standard crimped crust, Style Me Pretty Living has re-invented the piecrust, providing us with six new takes on the classic silhouette.

These crusts, while seemingly time-consuming, are as easy as, well, pie. More importantly, these techniques allow for creativity and make for a fun family activity. As Abby Larson, founder and editor of Style Me Pretty says, “Pie crust can really be molded and shaped into just about anything. Whether you cut out calligraphy words, you design an abstract giving tree, or you simply braid a few slices of pie dough, the point is to have fun and think outside the standard lattice box.” Follow Larson's tips for acing your Thanksgiving pie crust, and get Style Me Pretty's recipe for six designs below:

Abby’s No-fail Piecrust Tips

1. Keep your pie dough extra cold. It's easier to get a really clean cut on cold pie dough.

2. For complicated designs or calligraphy, print out your idea in black, and then cut out the design. Lay the piece of paper over the pie dough and cut inside the lines.

3. For delicate lines and wording, it's helpful to pre-bake the topper for 10 minutes at 350 (on parchment paper). You can then transfer the pie topper to your pie during the last 10 minutes of it's cooking process so that it sits beautifully atop your pie.

Calligraphy Piecrust (above)

1. Simply download a script-y font . Type up the word of your choosing, print it out and carefully cut around all the nooks and crannies.

2. Lay your calligraphy template on top of your rolled out pie dough and, using a sharp knife, carefully cut around it.

3. Transfer your masterpiece onto your pie and bake as directed.


1. Slice your dough into uneven widths. Using an over-under pattern, lace your strips tightly together.

2. Set it gently over top your dish or ramekin, trim the excess and tuck any loose strips within.

Credit: White Loft Studio


1. Start by cutting out 1″ x 1/2″ rectangles. Pinch and round the tops and bottom corners together.

2. Beginning at the edge of your pie, lay your pieces down at a slight angle. Continue with the next row by mirroring the angle. Repeat until fabulousness ensues!

Credit: White Loft Studio


1. Once your dough has been rolled out, begin by cutting long triangles in three different widths.

2. Lay the triangles, slightly overlapping, any which way you chose. The best part of this one is that you literally cannot mess it up!

Credit: White Loft Studio


1. Start by cutting out a diamond out of the centre of your dough.

2. Next, cut a thin line across the corners of the diamond. Continue making tiny slits until your starburst resembles your desired shape.

Credit: White Loft Studio


1. Slice your dough into 2-inch wide strips.

2. Leaving a 1-inch long “tail,” fold the longest side over the 1-inch “tail” at a slight angle.

3. Using the same proportion, and opposite angle, fold the longer part of the dough back over. Repeat until you have a line of ruffles.

4. Place each line of ruffles on top of your pie so that each is abut to the next.

Credit: White Loft Studio