Sir Patrick Stewart: A Man-to-Man Appreciation

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Premiere Of STARZ "Blunt Talk" - Arrivals
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After a stretch asserting himself on Broadway and in film, Sir Patrick Stewart will be returning to television in Blunt Talk, a show about a British journalist who comes to L.A. to, somewhat sanctimoniously, fix America's problems, despite his own severe shortcomings (think alcohol and drug abuse). This might be an apt moment to note something we’ve all long known: man, that guy is the best. Handsome, with an accent, playful, talented, as a man—which is what I am—I can only hope that some day I will become more like Patrick Stewart.

Once in my life I had lunch with Patrick Stewart and it was the best lunch company I’ve ever had. We had lunch in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I was early and sat at the bar. Then he walked in and I was like, “Um, hey Patrick Stewart.” And he was like, “Hey.” Then we had lunch together. This is something I will tell my children about when they’re older.

Patrick Stewart is now a septuagenarian. That’s another word I’ll teach my children. He’s 75 and still a baller. According to his Twitter profile picture, literally. (He was at an IKEA. There are only a few guys out there who can balance gravitas and whimsy. Two, actually: HH Dalai Lama and Patrick Stewart. And since the Dalai Lama isn’t going to have his own show any time soon—though, The Dalai Show has a nice ring to it—let’s content ourselves by staring at Stewart’s beautiful, manly face.

Watch the trailer for Blunt Talk below, and catch the premiere August 22 at 9/8c on Starz.

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