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Jennifer Ferrise
Mar 01, 2015 @ 11:00 am

As the fifth season of our favorite British soap comes to an end tonight (Sunday, March 1st) at 9 p.m., we're dying to know what will happen to the Crawley clan. With Anna in prison, Tom set to move to Boston, and Lady Mary's never-ending parade of suitors, we came up with a Downton Abbey drinking game to usher us through the all upstairs downstairs uncertainty of the final episode. Might we recommend Downton's own Cabernet Sauvignon ($32 for two bottles; for your viewing parties? Or if you're worried about a Monday morning hangover, a spot of English tea will do just fine.

Take a ladylike sip if:

-Lady Mary wears a fabulous hat

-Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, makes a snarky quip

-Someone visits Anna in jail

-Sibby calls Lord Grantham "Donk"Take a couple of sips if:

-Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes drink wine together

-Mr. Bates gets broody

-Thomas seeks revenge

-Lady Edith and Lady Mary agree on something


Take a shot if:

-Lady Mary starts singing

-Lady Edith tells the family the truth about Marigold

-Lord Grantham gets tipsy

Finish your drink if:

-Someone accepts a marriage proposal

-Tom leaves Downton for good

Down the bottle if:

-Anyone major dies (Seriously, we are still recovering from Matthew Crawley)

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