By Ellin Stein
Updated Jul 20, 2014 @ 5:04 pm
Credit: Natalia Kepesz

We all know about matching your perfume to your mood, your look, even your surroundings. But to your choice of cocktail? That would be a yes (or ja) if The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Berlin has anything to say about it. The luxury property has opened Fragrances, the world’s first bar dedicated to cocktails made to replicate famous scents. Patrons can select perfumes from Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Annick Goutal and more, and have a cocktail to match the scent created by bar manager and perfume expert Arnd Heissen. (The cocktail inspired by Guerlain’s Angelique Noire, for example, contains jasmine, bergamot, angelica root, vanilla, rum and champagne.)

Credit: Natalia Kepesz

Here's how it works: A “visual menu” displays 15 perfume bottles ready to be scented, each placed underneath a photo of the cocktail they inspired and in front of a large glass dome covering the ingredients and spirits used in the drink. The presentations of the finished cocktail are equally distinctive, like glasses that arrive in a small metal bucket (by Jo Malone London; below, left), a bowl (Trussardi; below, center), or even a miniature wicker tricycle. Other drinks are served in beautiful hand-blown glasses.

Credit: Natalia Kepesz

You can also order matching snacks such as a vanilla and raspberry Macaron Énorme that accompanies a Signorina cocktail inspired by the Ferragamo fragrance of the same name (above, right). And there are non-alcoholic options, like the refreshing drink that replicates Penhaglion’s Orange Blossom by combining tea and fresh lemon with orange blossom marmalade, jasmine syrup, vanilla syrup, rosewater and cardamon.

With prices starting at 14 Euros, this is clearly an occasion bar. Just resist the temptation to dab your drink behind your ears.