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Ahead of the release of the 360 Virtual Reality experience music video for her song, "Best Love," produced by m ss ng p eces, directed by Celia Rowlson-Hall, and styled by our own Senior Style Editor, Ali Pew, we caught up with Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, to talk the music video, confidence, and staying true to yourself, no matter what.

"This is definitely my first time working on a 360 music video," she shared. "I just know my hardcore fans are going to be excited about it." And there's a lot to be excited about! Wearing virtual reality goggles, viewers will become fully-immersed in the music video, seeing Yuna performing the song from every angle. "[You're] not going to be just looking at one thing over and over again. It’s going to be a different experience every time you put the VR on," Yuna told InStyle. "Every time you watch the video it’s going to be different ... I just hope I look really cool in it, you know," she said laughing. "Having the stylist team there was amazing as well. I had a lot of fun choosing the clothes."

"I normally would like to get involved in every single thing, I'm like the queen of control," she revealed. "But this was something that ... was totally foreign to me. It was pretty exciting to kind of learn a little bit more about the product, the 360 camera, and the director was really good," she said of the filming experience. "I felt like I was in a safe place with her. And everyone was so supportive."

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Credit: Max Herman/NurPhoto

Yuna is an industry veteran, even if you haven't heard of her until recently. "I didn't just start in the US," she reminded us. "I started 10 years ago in Malaysia." 10 years is a long time to be in the public eye, and Yuna recognizes the challenge of staying true to yourself, and recognizing your own needs. "Fame is definitely a monster, it can suck you in and spit you out, and change you. The biggest challenge is to remain yourself, regardless of what people say about you."

The 30-year-old songstress has had opinions thrown at her from all sides during her career: "I have people who say, 'you should dress up like this, or you should dress more modest, you should cover up more.' And then at the other end of the spectrum you have like, 'why are you still wearing your scarf, you're in America, you know.' There [are] all these people telling me what to do, it's just like, no I have my own identity, I want to be myself."

Clearly, sticking to her own ideas and identity has paid off in the long run, as she's found some serious success in the industry, and always maintains a positive outlook for the future: "[This] industry [is] always changing. But I see it in a very positive way, in a very hopeful way." The burgeoning style icon curates a unique yet modest look out of respect for her Islamic faith. Yuna doesn't believe in selling sexuality to get ahead in the music and fashion industries—and she's putting together the coveted personal looks to prove it.

VIDEO: Watch the 2D Trailer of Yuna's "Best Love" Music Video

"I'm a denim person," she declared. "There's this one denim jacket, it's oversized and all ripped, it's my favorite thing to wear right now. It's stylish [and] it gives you a little edge to your clothes." And of course, there are her many, many headscarves that she matches effortlessly with her stylish ensembles. "I love my headscarf, I wear my head wrap every day, with my hoop earrings. I think that’s my signature look now," she said with a laugh. "And my Nike's, when I’m doing the casual thing, skinny jeans, a duster, coat and a pair of Nike sneakers. Super simple." Yuna, you are seriously speaking our language.

Yuna left us with some words of advice, from the inspiration behind her song "Best Love," which we've been jamming to pretty much all week. "'Best Love' is a song about how you are always looking for something that's [perfect] … but ... it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be something that fits you."

"If you just work on that one thing that's like important to you, that has been supportive of you, who has been loving you all this time, if you are able to see that, then that is your best love."

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