Lip Balm Addiction
Credit: Getty Images

During the drying fall and winter months especially, lip balm addiction can become a very real struggle for many people (myself included). While we wouldn’t exactly call this a medical condition, anyone who’s ever obsessively applied lip balm knows how difficult it can be to stop (there’s even a website dedicated to those in recovery called Lip Balm Anonymous). Of course, the first step in overcoming any addiction is admitting you have a problem. If you can relate to any of the signs below, it may be time to evaluate the situation.

You never leave home without it.

Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Lip balm? Double check. This has become your daily mantra.

You apply it multiple times a day (without even realizing it).

It doesn’t matter that your lips aren’t chapped. You just love the feeling of freshly-applied balm.

You have stashes hidden everywhere you go.

Aside from the excessive amount you have buried at the bottom of every handbag, you keep tubes in your car, in your desk drawer, in between the couch cushions, near your bed, and in your boyfriend’s pocket in case of an “emergency.”

You pick one up every time you go to the drugstore.

You find moisturizing formulas like Baby Lips ($5; and Rose Bud Salve ($6; impossible to resist.

Not having it makes you panic.

You can’t imagine spending a second of your day without a perfectly smooth pout.

People have commented on your usage.

Friends and co-workers are starting to wonder why you pull out an Eos egg ($4; every five minutes.