Side Effects Rooney Mara
Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty; Open Road Films (2)

Catherine-Zeta Jones and Rooney Mara looked ultra-glamorous wearing Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen, respectively, at last night's New York premiere of their thriller Side Effects, hosted by The Cinema Society and Michael Kors. But for their roles in the movie—in which Mara plays a severely depressed woman with a secret and Zeta-Jones her former psychiatrist—their wardrobe took a more disturbed turn. "When I’m feeling sad or lazy, it’s hard for me to get dressed. You just want to be comfortable," Mara told on the red carpet. "Me and [costume designer] Susan Lyell talked a lot about wanting [my character Emily] to be in comfortable, loose clothes. That was really important." Zeta-Jones had a different approach. "It was a fine line, because I play a psychiatrist and am a woman," Zeta-Jones said. "Obviously there’s a danger and a sexiness to my character. So we didn’t want to push it too much. I wanted to have some sexiness to her, but keep it in the realm of a doctor." Wardrobe really does inform a character! The edge-of-your-seat film opens nationwide February 8.

Plus, see Rooney transform!