And she took home Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Today, Siba the standard poodle was one step above the rest of the pack and took home top honors at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Best in Show winner managed to snag headlines, but more than that, the stunning canine captured the hearts of almost the entire internet, as dogs, especially ones with an air of diva sophistication like Siba, generally do. Fans were immediately struck by Siba's Afro, which comes with the territory for show poodles. According to the Westminster Kennel Club, the cut is functional and fashionable, though Siba's fans are seeing the style as a reflection of the dog's winning attitude.

Westminster Kennel Club Best In Show Visits Rockefeller Center
Credit: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

"She's just a great dog," Connie S. Unger, the woman who had the honor of showing Siba, told USA Today. "She loves the showing, she's in her element when she’s being shown. She's really an all-around great dog."

After her win, Twitter erupted with a wave of support. Messages ranged from all-out love and adoration to levels of enthusiasm generally reserved for presidential candidates and contestants on the Bachelor during hometown dates.

Siba beat out more than 3,000 dogs, including Bourbon from the hound category, a whippet named Toy, and Bono the Havanese. Other group winners included Conrad, a Shetland sheepdog; Daniel the golden retriever; Vinny, a wire fox terrier; and Wilma the boxer.

CBS News adds that Siba plans on celebrating by "eating chicken." A queen after our own hearts. Befitting of a winner, Siba managed to snag some time with other New York City luminaries after taking home her big win.

And as a winner, Siba was literally on top of world after taking in her victory.

Long may she reign.