Sia and Maddie Ziegler Twin in Braided Pigtails on the Set of Their New Movie

Sia sure likes to twin with her pal Maddie Ziegler.

On Monday, the two were spotted in Los Angeles on the set of the upcoming movie Sister, written and directed by the Australian singer-songwriter, and let's just say they were quite the coordinated pair.


Sia not only showed her face (a notorious rarity), but she also mirrored Ziegler, sporting matching pigtail braids and white T-shirts. Their looks make us wonder whether or not they'll be twinning in the movie or if this was an impromptu moment, but we're nevertheless living for it.

Although Kate Hudson, who stars in the film, wasn't pictured with the duo, we think it's safe to say that she wasn't in on the whole braids thing—since she doesn't have the hair for it anymore. The actress recently shaved her entire head for the project, so we don't think she'll be sporting pigtails anytime soon.

Unless she rocks another wig, that is. We hope a triplet moment is around the corner.

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