Show Off Your Insta-Style with Beyoncé's Filter-Ready Frames

Photo: Beyonce/Instagram

If Beyoncé ever gets the sudden, inexplicable urge to add another bullet point to her already lengthy résumé, we have an inkling that fashion blogger might be a good fit. After all, the singer's Instagram feed has recently transformed into a veritable stream of #OOTD posts, with each one offering up a healthy dose of eye candy with a vaguer than vague caption (if you're searching for outfit credits, you'll be scrolling forever). Fortunately for the Bey-obsessed, our days spent scouring the fashion market have equipped us with some rather impressive clothing ID skills.

In two recent ’grams, Queen B struck a pose in a pair of studded cat's-eye sunglasses by Italian accessories brand Italia Independent. And while it's hard to tell from afar (especially with the added layer of filter), the frames are made of a soft-to-the-touch velvet material, which, as it so happens, is based upon a special surface treatment called UV Lux that's already used to line various luxury cars, says co-founder Giovanni Accongiagioco.

Italia Independent
Fabio Schiano

Not only do the shades feel great, but the fabric finish means they're also scratch-resistant and maintain color after extended exposure to sunlight (i.e. they're your ideal beach accessory). What's more, Lady Gaga, Olivia Palermo, and Jessica Alba, have all been seen sporting them, so if you nab a pair you're bound to become street total style bait. With Fashion Week on the horizon, what more could you ask for? Just make sure to hashtag #flawless.

Pick up Italia Independent's I-V Rock sunnies for $227 at

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