Hollywood stylists on wearing white on the runways
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We see white all over the runway, year after year, no matter what season. So, is white really meant to be worn year-round? Do you have to put it away come Labor Day? You've heard it time and time again, and yet you still wonder whether it's a fashion rule to follow or break. Wearing white after the holiday may seem like a risk, but it's one we encourage you to take. We caught up with Hollywood's top celebrity stylists who are the masterminds behind creating looks for the likes of Naomi Watts, Kristen Stewart, Julie Bowen, Olivia Wilde, Amy Poehler, and many more. Read on for expert advice and tips on how to wear white after Labor Day!

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Monica Rose, @MonicaRoseStyle

"I grew up in a town with a laid-back environment. Not much fashion was discussed until I moved to Los Angeles and started working in fashion. At the time, it was common to follow the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, but now I feel like times have changed and there really aren’t any rules—it's more about how you express yourself. I think that wearing white after Labor Day is completely acceptable, depending on how you wear it. You have to be conscious of fit and silhouette for a flawless white-out. Add edge to your look by incorporating one statement detail to your overall look. For instance, a cut-out pattern, a two-piece ensemble that shows a hint of skin, or an interesting fabric detail for texture."

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Rachel Zoe, @Rachel Zoe

"When it comes to wearing white, I say wear it all year round—winter white, especially, is fresh and unexpected during the colder seasons. I think every woman should experiment and see what works best for them—find the best shade of white for her skin tone and the best silhouette for her body type. For fall, I love metallic accessories—pops of silver feel really modern and sleek while gold tends to warm up a white ensemble. I learned from my mom that fashion rules are meant to be broken and I always followed that … and ultimately always wore every shade of white all year round."

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Jeanann Williams, @williamsjeanann

"I love white, think it's so chic year round. But the 'beachy' white and white chambray does get packed away until Memorial Day or used for holiday getaways. I think white on white works but this may be reserved for summer with few exceptions. A long silk winter white slip with an oversize white cashmere sweater would be nice with boots or ballet flats."

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Joey Tierney, @joeytierney

"When I was little, all I remember is everyone saying "NO, you can’t wear white after Labor Day' and me saying “YES, I can!" I’ve never been one to follow rules. I love white and I wear white all year round. It’s timeless and sophisticated. I like to keep it simple. White on white has to be done right. I would say play it safe and keep your silhouettes chic.”

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Lawren Sample, @lawrensample

"White is chic year round! Keep it simple and clean, try to aim for heavier and richer fabrics: cashmere, mohair, fur, and leather. I love a white peacoat, with a black cashmere turtleneck, black leather leggings, and a red lip! (Boom—just created my winter look.) When I was a kid growing up in Mississippi, you were never allowed to wear white shoes to church after Labor Day. Without fail, my mom would always pack away all the white shoes and white pants in the house. I guess the rule was "nothing from the waist down" white, because god forbid you try and take away my grandmother's pearls after Labor Day."

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Cristina Ehrlich, @CristinaStylist

"I think we move from summer whites, into winter whites! It all depends on what you pair it with! If you want to go more casual, wear a T-shirt with a great black leather jacket that brings a stunning graphic pop to the look. I'm also a big fan of mixing in a cool, oversize boyfriend sweater, usually in camel, with chic tailored white pants and Tod's loafers. Growing up my parents instilled a European mentality in me from a young age; thus I never had a preconceived notion that one had to put white away post summer. The women in my life always taught me that style was about personal decisions and aesthetic as opposed to rules about colors and seasons."

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Jessica Paster, @justjessStyle

"I don't have a problem with wearing white after Labor Day at all, especially for those of us who live in Los Angeles or on the West Coast because our summer never ends! However, I do understand that on the East Coast people have seasons, so dressing in white might be a fashion faux pas. Winter white is absolutely beautiful, especially when the fall season ends and winter comes through. I think the secret to pulling it off it to let it stand on its own, and to pair it with a cream or nude shoe."

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Tara Swennen, @taraswennen

"The secret to pulling off winter white is layering and accessorizing. Coordinate matching whites, keeping the look clean and simple. Accessorize with a contrasting piece or two or a coordinating combo. Winter white pairs well with darker colors such as navy, black, and gray. The white will balance out the look keeping it clean and crisp. A subtle pop of color in an accessory or print can also be a nice addition to one's look. I personally love white on white! Especially around the upcoming holidays!"

Runway looks at top (from left): Derek Lam, Nonoo, and Nina Ricci.