Why You Should Consider Massaging Your Face

Tatcha Facial Massage
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We all know how good a body rubdown feels, but did you know that a facial massage can have its advantages, too?

“It can help prompt oxygenation of the tissues and circulatory stimulation to enhance the absorption of products," says facialist Stephanie Lauren Brown of New York City store and spa CAP Beauty. "It also encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps remove toxic stagnation in the lymph system and break down scar tissue."

Can't make a standing date with your facialist? Try incorporating a little massage into your everyday skincare routine, and apply your serums and moisturizers in a slower, more mindful manner. Brands like Tatcha and E.L.F make face massage tools that'll help relieve tension and stimulate circulation (Tatcha Akari Gold Massager, $195; tatcha.com; E.L.F Facial Massager, $4; elfcosmetics.com, available Nov. 1).

You can also use your own digits for a little TLC. Brown suggests the following techniques to bring on the glow.

1. Start at the forehead and, using light pressure, sweep fingers from the center to the outer temples. Repeat 10 times.

2. Repeat the same gentle sweeping motions, now starting at the bridge of the nose; move your fingers outward toward the ears. Then work from the center of the lips, out towards the earlobes. Finally, work from the center of the chin, out to the corners of the jaw. Repeat each motion 10 times.

3. Now take your index and middle fingers, and make tiny circular clockwise motions in the hollow space between your earlobe and the corner of your jaw, where large lymph nodes lay underneath the surface. Do this for one minute and then sweep your hands down from this spot along the sides of your neck towards your clavicle. Repeat three times.

4. Finally, using both hands simultaneously, sweep lightly from the center of the décolletage out towards the armpits. Repeat 10 times.

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