These Shopping Tips from InStyle Editors Will Change the Way You Shop (and Save You Money)

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Online shopping is a craft that the editors here at InStyle have perfected. Even though the process of clicking "add to basket" while simultaneously reaching for your credit card may seem like a natural no-thought process, there are a slew of strategies you could put to use to streamline it. So how does a fashion editor shop online? Read on to find out.

Wendy Wallace, Market Director
"Before online sale shopping, take a look at what you actually need—maybe its a top to go with a skirt that you love and never get to wear. It's more fun to get a bargain on things you were going to buy anyway. Figure out what you want then scour the internet to see if you can find it cheaper anywhere else, then pull the trigger. There is nothing worse than seeing the item you just bought on sale elsewhere."

Cindy Weber Cleary, Special Projects Editor
"I take full advantage of any filters offered if I know what I am looking for—size, length, occasion, color, price, etc.—because it can be so overwhelming to scroll through hundreds of items. I also use, which alerts me when items by my favorite designers go on sale."

Stephanie Trong, Senior Fashion Editor
"I'm a really big shopper (I want to stay away from using the word 'compulsive' here but…) so earlier this year I started restricting myself to buying only one clothing/accessory item a month. I even have a Pinterest board for it to officially track things—it may sound dorky but it makes me more accountable. I have to say it's definitely helped me cut down to only buying things I truly love, and it's been equally helpful in terms of evaluating where I go wrong. Like, I used March for a pair of jeans that I was stalking for a while online—the cut was different for me but I thought I would branch out. Nope, I've only worn them twice, so lesson learned."

Priya Rao, Senior Fashion Writer
"Before I start scrolling and impulse clicking on mammoth online sites like Net-a-Porter, I walk over to my closets and look at what I'm missing—my closets are organized by category, so it's obvious when I'm running low on something. My one-and-done summer dresses needed a replenish, so I nabbed a few different silhouettes that will inject some newness into my wardrobe."

Thomas Waller, Accessories Editor
"I put things on wish lists and wait for them to go on sale. Mr. Porter is super great because they tell you how many items are left so you can decide when it is a must-buy and not miss out entirely. It can be a lot for your email, but I get e-newsletters from 5 amazing stores that I always shop at, so I am always in the loop about sales. If size is an issue, I will buy 2 of something and return the incorrect size right away."

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