Zoella Youtube Haul
Credit: Youtube/Zoella

If you're never quite sure where to start when you see those never-ending racks of discounted goodies in Forever 21, don't worry—these pro haulers have got you covered. What exactly are hauls you ask? They're videos in which beauty, fashion, and lifestyle gurus show off their latest purchases and describe why they picked them out. Essentially, they allow you to shop vicariously through them just by watching. So whether you’re in the market for beauty products, clothes, or home goods, these YouTubers will help you put together the perfect shopping list.


Lindsey Hughes picks up colorful, breezy clothes at stores like Forever 21, Free People, and Zara.

This spunky Londoner’s the go-to gal for season-inspired fashion from H&M, Topshop, and more.

Want to watch what fashion vloggers are hauling in AND see how the items are fitting? Check out Jen’s page where she features stores like Nordstrom and shows you what they actually look like while wearing them.


British vlogger extraordinaire Zoe Sugg always gives her massive following of subscribers a peek at her favorite new beauty products from Lush, MAC, and the drugstore.

Elle Fowler joined the vlog scene back in 2008 featuring her style tips. She now has over 1.3 million subscribers and has become a household name along with her sister Blair. Check out her beauty hauls from Sephora, Ulta, Bath and Body Works and more.

London-based beauty guru Estée Lalonde certainly knows her way around the makeup counter, showing off a combination of high- and low-end products.

Check out Rachel’s vlogs for beauty hauls from Sephora. She also posts drugstore hauls where she makes sure to test everything out and let you know what worked and what didn’t.


Husband and wife duo Anna Lee and Jesse Fiorino show you how to upgrade your home with their varied hauls from stores like West Elm and their holiday gift guides.

Navigate the maze-like aisles of home goods stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, and more with blonde bombshell Wendy Bentley. She’ll help you style your home décor for a cozy feel.