Lucas Hugh Paragon Leggings and Leadlight Print Leggings
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Okay, so you may not be bench pressing in District 12, but there's no reason not to look Katniss-level cool when you hit the gym. When we heard that these cool, body-hugging Lucas Hugh pieces, available on, were the inspiration for the athletic suits worn by Katniss and her crew in The Hunger Games francise, we tracked down the line's creative dirctor, Anjhe Mules, to get all the cool details.

Can you share the story of how the Hunger Games connection was initiated?

"Costume designer Trish Summervillle was working on the costumes for Catching Fire in 2011 and googled 'Futuristic Sportswear,' and she came across my activewear brand. She discovered a performance running jacket from my first collection and she called and requested a sample be sent to L.A. Apparently the jacket was perfect for the film, and I was commissioned to design the full range of training outfits for the movie."

How did you react upon first seeing the outfits on screen?

"We all went to the premier of Catching Fire in London and it was amazing! I was so proud to be part of that film, and to see Lucas Hugh in its full glory performing in ways it was designed for—just not for killing people though!"

What inspires your designs?

"Technology, art, current events, and futuristic films inspire me a lot. Form and function are considered on equal measure when it comes to designing. Lucas Hugh is activewear so it needs to perform as hard as the wearer, whatever their athletic level, and give them great form."

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, from left: Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, 2013.
Credit: Courtesy Everett Collection/©Lions Gate