The Vintage Rug of Your Dreams Is Just a Click Away

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Photo: Courtesy of Frances Loom

Rug trends made a definitive shift last year with intricately detailed vintage Turkish and Persian styles coming on strong as the design world's It floor covering. If you'd describe your home décor aesthetic as bohemian or eclectic (even slightly), this in-demand rug style is part of the new look you'll want in your space. The key is finding one that has the right amount of wear—a telltale sign of its authentic vintage quality (you want guests to think you happened upon it while casually estate-sale shopping on your last trip upstate, don't you?)

What's that? You don't have time to flea market hop in search of your dream floor covering? You're in luck. Highly curated online rug resources are on the rise, sourcing perfectly patinaed carpets that can arrive at your door with just a few clicks. Below, a few of our favorites. And, don't worry, you'll still get the thrill of the hunt sifting through one-of-a-king rugs online—you just get to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Frances Loom

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Owner Kelly Vittengl's puts her curated finds up every Thursday, and they're usually sold out within the day. Follow her on Instagram (@francesloom) to get restocking updates.


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This N.Y.C.-based site has a tightly edited selection of styles, but they're all gems. Check back regularly for new additions.


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In addition to its Brooklyn brick and mortar, Sharktooth has an excellent online shop where you'll find thoughtfully chosen rugs as well as an assortment of vintage textiles like antique quilts and sheep's wool blankets.

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