By Alexandra DeRosa
Updated Dec 11, 2014 @ 1:14 pm
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This season there's a new kind of earring style that's taking center stage. Earrings have forgone the traditional route (think studs and chandeliers) and are popping up in modern and mismatched shapes.

We can trace the trend back to when it first landed on the runway: Paris. Céline. Fall 2014—when Phoebe Philo accessorized her collection with an array of earrings—none of which were seen with its counterpart. And then the trend took off.

Now we can find chic pairings in an array of price points and styles. The best way to ease into this trend is with linear shapes. A linear style is a sleek and subtle approach to achieving the look—you don't want your earrings to be the first thing someone across the room notices about you. You also want to go for a wearable color like gold, silver, or rose gold as they are the most flattering and easy-to-wear depending on your skin tone. Shy away from cabochon jewels and gems.

Last but not least, when shopping for your mismatched pair, go to a jewelry brand and designer you know and love—odds are, they've already crafted a pair that suits your taste.

Now for the best part about this trend: if you loose one earring, it's easy to replace.

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