Here's the New Shonda Rhimes Drama to Fill Your Scandal Void

With the news that Scandal will be leaving the air after its seventh and final season and that The Catch will also be biting the dust, ABC is rushing to fill the giant ShondaLand void in our weeknight TV with an exciting new offering by the mega-producer.

Shonda Rhimes's new legal series, For the People, which is giving us major Grey's Anatomy: Courtroom Edition vibes, has reportedly gotten the green light to make its way into the TV network's fall schedule.

The drama will star Britne Oldford from The Flash, Lyndon Smith from The Originals, and Ben Rappaport, and will follow the storyline of troubled new lawyers on opposing sides as their personal and professional lives intersect inside and outside of the courtroom in the United District Court for the Southern District of New York, "aka 'The Mother Court.'"

Entertainment Weekly first teased the legal drama back in January, with Rhimes slated to executively produce the series with Betsy Beers while Scandal writer Paul William Davies will act as the show runner.

In addition to For the People, ABC will also be expanding its offerings with a new fall lineup consisting of The Crossing, The Gospel of Kevin, The Mayor, and The Good Doctor.

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