By Jennifer Davis
Updated Apr 26, 2013 @ 4:15 pm
Emily Blunt, Colin Firth
Credit: Andres Laszlo Konrath

Emily Blunt’s new movie Arthur Newman hits theaters today! In the film, the InStyle cover girl plays a free spirit who embarks on a road trip with a former FedEx employee, played by Colin Firth. Both intent on leaving their past behind—Firth hopes to start anew life as a golf-pro, Blunt wants to flee a sticky personal situation—they make their way to Terre Haute, Indiana. “They’re completely ill-suited; they’re like oil and water,” Blunt explained in the May issue. “But somehow they find in each other what they are missing in themselves. In a really, really messed up way.” Read: Breaking into people's homes, dressing in their clothes, and getting frisky. And the pair had just as interesting of a relationship together when the cameras weren't rolling. “He’s so silly,” she told us of working with the Oscar-winning actor. “He’s the silliest person I’ve ever met, and we had such a good time. Our relationship consisted of him being insecure and me torturing him. And that was pretty much the entire shoot," she joked. "It’s the most strange, beautiful, intimate movie, and I’m really glad it was him that I got to do it with.” To see them act out their obvious affection for each other on-screen, click here to see where the film is playing near you.

Plus, watch the behind-the-scenes video of Emily on set!