She's All That Remake
Credit: Courtesy Miramax/Courtesy Everett Collection

If you're a fan of '90s rom-coms, there's great news for you: A remake of 1999's She’s All That is reportedly in the works.

The Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, and Paul Walker film is being reinvented by The Weinstein Company and Miramax, 16 years after it hit theaters, The Wrap reports.

In the original, Prinze Jr. melted hearts as lovable jock Zack when he cast aside his popular girlfriend for the underdog: attractive introvert Laney (played by Rachael Leigh Cooke) whom he thinks has prom queen potential. The story was loosely based on Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, but gave the simple transformation tale a modern-day twist. A remake might serve as the latest touching tribute to the late Walker, who passed away last year—the Fast and Furious actor portrayed Prinze Jr.’s best friend and love rival.

Cameos in the 1999 flick included Usher and Kieran Culkin, which sets the bar high for emerging teen stars in the new version. According to the outlet, the remake is expected to feature a "diverse leads," and director Kenny Leon and producer Tonya Lewis Lee will be at its helm. We can't wait to see how it comes together!