By Isabel Jones
Jun 07, 2018 @ 8:30 am

Shay Mitchell, actress and influencer extraordinaire, wants you to recognize her as an expert in a new field: sex.

In terms of sex education, that is. The 31-year-old Pretty Little Liars alum recently partnered with Allergan on its Know Your Birth Control campaign, an initiative encouraging women of all ages to do their research when it comes to their reproductive health. After a controversial birth control recall and talk of selling its women's health business, the the pharmaceutical is moving forward with its sex-safety initiative.

“I was always able to have open discussions with my parents about the different options that were available to me,” Mitchell tells InStyle. “And I think you have more confidence having those conversations when you yourself are more informed and educated.”

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The project includes a series of gamified educational videos and online materials covering all the major questions you have about your birth control—and starring Mitchell.

This isn’t your typical cringe-inducing middle school sex-ed class, either. “They make it fun,” she promises. “They have a trivia quiz where you can see just how much or how little you actually know about birth control, and then you can provide your own questions to [the] doctor you’re talking to.”

Despite a slew of hostile women’s health bills recently backed by the White House, Mitchell maintains a neutral political stance. “I try keep my opinions out of it most of the time,” she says, “because to me, the most important thing is just making women aware of the information that’s available to us. Knowledge is power—it truly is.”

Amen, Shay.