From the second the Pretty Little Liars pilot aired, it was clear that Shay Mitchell was perfect for the part of Emily Fields, a shy swimmer who was keeping a big secret. And now we have confirmation, courtesy of Mitchell’s PLL audition tape.

“A lot of you have been asking to see my PLL, Pretty Little Liars, audition tape, and I’ve stalled for as long as I could but I’m not going to stall any longer. I shot this eight years ago, and let’s just say I was a little baby. And so now watching it I am a little bit embarrassed but it’s fine. I’m going to watch it with you guys and I’m going to share my thoughts,” she said, introducing the clip on her YouTube channel.

In the audition tape, the soft-speaking Emily Fields comes to life for the first time, and her baby face is so cute! Modern-day Mitchell narrates the audition whole way through, commenting on how she could have improved and even applauding herself when she’s impressed by her own acting from eight years prior.

Credit: Eike Schroter/ABC Family/Getty Images

The actress also told the story of the night before her audition, when she was working as a bartender and trying to rapidly memorize her lines.

Watch her adorable audition at top for a major blast from the past.