Shay Mitchell Opened Up About the Importance of a Support System as a New Mother

"Being a new mom, it's all about supporting each other."

Being a new mom can be difficult. You've just brought a new tiny human into the world, and suddenly another life is depending on you. It can be overwhelming, to be sure.

Pretty Little Liars alum Shay Mitchell recently opened up about life as a new mother in an interview with Us Weekly, where she called out having a support system as one of the most important boons for new parents.

"I think especially having a newborn, you’re going up and down with your emotions and dealing with all new things that I’ve never had to deal with before," she said of life as a new mother to daughter Atlas.

Previously, Mitchell got candid about her experience with prepartum depression ahead of giving birth to her daughter, which she was able to overcome thanks to the help of the support system she mentioned.

"It’s all the unknown is what I call it. So having a good group of friends and people around you who have either been through it, or can just be an ear to listen to all of your thoughts, and stories of what’s been going on [is key]," she expressed during the interview. "But you know, I have a really, really good support team and so I’ve been really fortunate with that."

She opined that motherhood is "all about supporting each other," noting that "you don't have to be perfect" when you take on a new role as a parent.

"You’re perfect to them, you know? And just that kind of constant reminder," she concluded.

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