Shay Mitchell Welcomed Her Baby Girl with Her First Sweet Photo

"Never letting go..."

Shay Mitchell just welcomed her baby girl into the world with a touching Instagram tribute.

This is the star's first child with Matte Babel, 38, who she's been dating since January 2017. The photo features Shay holding her daughter's tiny hand in hers, which is enough to bring tears of happiness to anyone's eyes.

"Never letting go..." the Pretty Little Liars star captioned the sweet photo. Though Shay didn't mention her baby girl's name just yet, hopefully that's a reveal that's coming later down the line, as well as some photos of her tiny face!

Shay originally shared the news of her pregnancy back in June 2019 with a topless photo she posted to Instagram.

"Does this mean I’m allowed to drive in the car pool lane at all times now?" she captioned the photo, showing off the baby growing inside of her.

Mitchell originally learned her baby's sex in a video clip earlier this year as part of her Almost Ready series on YouTube, where she's been chronicling her pregnancy every step of the way. In the video, titled "Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal at Home," two Power Rangers (one blue, one pink) duke it out to show Mitchell and Babel who would eventually win out.

"Power Rangers. Never in the history of gender reveals have I seen Power Rangers," said a delighted Mitchell during the hilarious moment. Eventually, of course, the Pink Ranger emerged victorious. Shay would be having a girl!

Almost Ready has been instrumental in keeping viewers informed about the parts of pregnancy no one really talks about, which the actress dubs the "shitty side" of it. While shedding tears and filming from her car, she spoke up about how difficult it could be to stop feeling like yourself as pregnancy changes parts of your life that are important.

"When you stop doing what you have normally been used to doing, which for me was being social, when that kind of stopped, it really sort of messed me up a little bit," she said. "This is the shitty side of being pregnant, when nobody knows because, you can't go out to see anyone, you don't want to see anyone, because, anyways [...] I don't feel myself."

Now that the baby's here, we're looking forward to Shay sharing more of her journey, now through motherhood.

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