Sharon Stone has three children, a Golden Globe, and a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s fiercest vixens. But today we’re going to drop all those accolades to remind you that Sharon Stone, in 2017, just wants to chill.

And where do people go to chill in 2017? Apparently, Montana. That’s where the actress currently is. No, she’s not hiking mountains, fishing for bass, or losing herself in some epic, mountainous scenery, at least according to Instagram. Rather, she’s sun bathing.

On Thursday, Stone took to Instagram to post an image of herself out on the waters in Montana. She glamorously brushes her blonde strands back, sitting atop what looks like a luxurious boat. But hello! That body? It’s bananas, people.

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“Family boating day,” she simply wrote as the caption. She wore an itty-bitty teal bikini and flaunted cut-up abs that I’ve been trying to achieve for the past six years.

You go, Sharon!