Watch Sharon Stone Sport a Grill and Gold Chains in Her New Rap Dating Video

James Corden Sharon Stone
Photo: Courtesy

It's hard to believe that Sharon Stone would ever need assistance in getting a date, but when James Corden found out his beautiful guest was single, he decided to perform a little rap about it on The Late Late Show. Naturally. Cue Stone, 58, rocking a black bodysuit and red leggings, gold chain necklaces, crown, and white fur coat as Corden raps in sunglasses and leather jacket.

"She's a Hollywood icon with a Nobel Prize. She's got a genius brain and bangin' thighs," Cordon rapped. Stone received the Nobel Peace Summit Award in 2013 for her work in the fight against AIDS. "None of her instincts are basic," he said in an ode to her famous film. Other lyrics included, "She'll get in your brain, she'll drive you insane. She'll make you forget your whole life, total recall." Stone would chime in on the chorus and also showed off some pretty stellar dance moves and even sported a gold grill on her teeth. Corden also wore a jacket just made of dollar bills at one point.

The video ends with them popping the Champagne. This seems like a surefire way to get her a date!

Check out Stone and Corden rapping in the clip below.

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