By Claire Stern
Updated Mar 26, 2018 @ 11:45 am
Credit: Paladin / Universal Pictures

After a whirlwind career in Hollywood, Sharon Stone is ready for her second act—and it involves romance and bikinis. At 60. In her latest movie, All I Wish, a wry comedy which hits theaters on Friday, she co-produces and stars in a leading role as an aspiring fashion designer searching for career fulfillment and love, ultimately finding the latter thanks to Tony Goldwyn. But that’s not how the project was initially written.

“I was originally offered the part of the mother, and being the mom of a 25-year-old who wasn’t married and didn’t know what she wanted to do was not much of a crisis in my eyes,” Stone recently told InStyle by phone. “This felt more honest.” Instead, Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn plays Stone’s mother in the film, effectively turning the rom-com structure on its head. Here, Stone talks more about the new release, the perils of wearing a bikini, and embarking on a new decade.

How was working with Tony Goldwyn? He’s President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal, and you played a vice president on Agent X. Did you talk politics on-set?

Tony is such a terrific person—it’s demonstrated in every molecule of his being. We talked a lot about leadership and equality and what it takes to create that and bring that back to the forefront of our thought. This is, of course, a very divisive time. And it’s a difficult time because, even if you didn’t vote for the president, the president’s main goal, whether you like his approach or not, is unifying these united states. It’s rare that we have a situation where discord, disruption, disparity, and breaking down the accomplishments of past presidents becomes the goal of a leader. I find it hard to champion a goal like that. I’m not seeing the goals of harmony and unity and love of country, which is a determining factor of leadership.

You’ve mentioned before that you were having a hard time getting meaty roles. Did producing this movie help your efforts?

This was an extraordinary opportunity. I’m putting more intention back to my work. But if the movie doesn’t work, it’s not going to mean anything. [Laughs] It’s show business, not show do-what-you-want, and if the business aspect of my business choices shows profit, then my choices will be lauded. If it doesn’t show profit, then nobody will think it’s interesting.

Credit: Paladin / Universal Pictures

Well, you do look fantastic on-screen—in a bikini, no less.

I did a lot of Suzanne Somers ThighMaster! And every late-night television exercise video you can buy. It was a frightening day at work, but I figured if I ran around and moved fast enough, you couldn’t quite see all the problem areas.

You just turned 60. How do you feel about entering a new decade?

I think all we can wish for is love and the love that we share with our friends and family. That’s the most important thing that we can spend our time developing and nurturing. My kids threw me a party at home, and we had the best time.

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Have your sons seen any of your films?

The appropriate ones! My eldest always said that the grandfather in Meet the Fockers [Ed note: Robert De Niro] was his favorite actor, so he saw Casino this year, because he’s 17. Now he finally understands that I’m an actor and I’ve worked with other famous actors. He thinks his mom is a badass.