Sharon Stone Paid Homage to *That* Basic Instinct Scene in a Topless Photoshoot


Sharon Stone has had a long, illustrious career, but is perhaps best-known for her defining role in Basic Instinct — and she's going back to the beginning in a new photo recreating a famous scene from the movie.

In a photoshoot for Vogue Portugal, the actress paid tribute to the iconic role, channeling her character Catherine Tramell's famous interrogation scene.

Sharon Stone Vogue Portugal
Branislav Simoncik/Vogue Portugal

Even if you've never seen Basic Instinct, the scene is so ingrained in pop culture that you've probably seen at least a clip of it or a reference to it somewhere else.

Basic Instinct

Though the role cemented her status as a sex symbol, Stone told Vogue Portugal that she still doesn't see herself as such.

“When I entered the business the term ‘fuckable’ was used to see if you were employable. The studio executives sat around a large table and discussed whether or not each of us was in fact ‘fuckable’. They thought I was not,” she said. “I gave this some hard thought as I wanted to work, so I did a strategically planned semi-naked Playboy shoot. Did I fit the part? Obviously not. Did I use my brain to figure out how to appear ‘fuckable’? You bet. (…) So no, is the answer. I didn’t and I don’t [feel like a sex symbol].”

Sharon Stone Vogue Portugal
Branislav Simoncik/Vogue Portugal

And despite it being a career-defining role, Stone says that she's now "sick" of talking about Basic Instinct, telling the magazine, "I have so many other real accomplishments, it just seems lazy to me."

“I look at it as a scene in a movie I did twenty-five plus years ago," she said. "Other people have their own perspective.”

Fair enough.

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