By Anna Hecht
Updated Nov 19, 2015 @ 11:30 am
Sharon Stone
Credit: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

We could honestly go on and on about how much we love actress Sharon Stone. Not only is she amazingly talented, hardworking, and—hello!—gorgeous, but Stone’s also got some out-of-this-world inspiring confidence, a serious passion for acting, and a hugely lovable personality, which makes watching her on the big screen a moving experience. Each and every time.

On Thursday in New York, Stone sat down in front of a live studio audience at AOL Build to talk about her new TV show, Agent X. In her role, Stone plays Natalie Maccabee, America's first female vice president, who is informed of a secret clause in the U.S. Constitution that allows for a secret agent to help protect the country. Agent X is played by actor Jeff Hephner, who Stone says “is a wonderful actor who works like hell to get in amazing shape because he does all of his own stunts” on the show.

The best part is, in addition to talking about her new primetime TV gig, Stone also let the audience in on her personal life, including what it’s like to be a mother of three boys, her favorite song, and who she’d like to star opposite in the future. Below are a few of our favorite moments from Stone’s talk that basically made us want fall in love with her even more.

She’s a do-gooder IRL, which helped her prepare for her Agent X role.
“I’ve been very blessed in my experience. I’ve been 20 years as the Global Campaign Chairman for the American Foundation for AIDS, which has taken me around the globe and I’ve met a lot of dignitaries and a lot of politicians. And so, I have experience sitting in those offices and I have fought for policy and so I have a limited—but, for me, a great deal of—political experience with people here and abroad. So, that has helped me to bring that kind of experience to my role."

Her Emmy win from The Practice helped her to realize her strengths as an actress.
“In the process of picking [my next role], I went out and did all different types and formats of shows. I did Will & Grace and I won an Emmy doing The Practice and ultimately, because I won an Emmy doing that kind of show, we realized, ‘Gee, that is more the format that is good for me and for my brand. And, it worked out and taught me a lot about how to do television and what I was better at."

If she could make a sequel of one of her films, it’d be Martin Scorsese’s Casino.
“Obviously, the most compelling film I ever did was Casino. I mean, Martin Scorsese… What a director. There isn’t anything that he would do that I wouldn’t want to do because working for him just really brings something extraordinary out of you as an actor.”

Sharon Stone
Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage

If she could act opposite one of Hollywood's up and coming stars, it'd be Taylor Schilling.
"I have to say I am pretty crazy about [Taylor Schilling] from Orange Is the New Black. She is great and I would really like to play her mother. I really would. I find her to be quite… she is very real. And, she pulls you in in a very extraordinarily natural way.”

She’s got strong views on the gender wage gap.
“In reality, in Hollywood, women make 40 percent to the dollar of the man and that is an enormous pay gap. So, it’s easier to talk about it in percentages. But, if you look at it, in the mainstream of the working, the working woman, why should they be paid less than men? Why should anyone… black, white, green, male, female… why should there be a pay difference job for job? You do the job and everyone should be paid the same. I find this to just be practically absurd.”

Alicia Keys’s song “Superwoman” is her theme song.
“I absolutely am obsessed with Alicia Keys’s song, "Superwoman." That is kind of my theme song and when I have to go somewhere or do something that is hard for me, I put that song on.”

Agent X airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.