By Claire Stern
Jun 21, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Sarah Balch

Most musicians will attest that finding a band name is no easy feat. You want to find something unique and catchy—and, most importantly, one that comes up relatively quickly when you search it on Google. So when we first heard about Austin-based indie-rock group Sharks in the Deep End, we were admittedly intrigued by their choice of moniker. Seeing as how Shark Week kicks off this weekend, we asked them to drop by InStyle HQ to talk about their favorite voracious fishes and their new album, appropriately titled Killin' Machine. Here's an excerpt from our conversation.

Tell us the story behind your moniker.
Tucker Jameson: Childhood fear. I was learning how to swim and I always used to think there were sharks in the deep end, because the sun would cast long shadows beneath the floats in the deep end of the pool. It's an ode to facing your demons and overcoming them. You'd be surprised how many people come up to us and say, "I had the exact same fear!"

There seems to be a theme of dealing with problems head-on throughout the album. What came first, the name or the music?
Tucker Jameson: The songs came first actually; the name came after. It definitely interconnects. [The band name] is a good representation of the music.

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What's the inspiration behind your new single, "Shadows in the Sunset?"
Tucker Jameson: It's about time and how it affects the decisions we make; the pressure you feel in life to go down certain paths because you feel time creep up on you—and how much power we let that have over us.

You recently covered "Heroes" by David Bowie, too. Is he a big musical influence?
Clayton Lillard: We all come from very versatile backgrounds. Bowie is someone we all really respect, so we wanted to do a tribute when he passed away.

Samuel Thompson: Hunky Dory is one of the first CDs I ever had.

Tucker Jameson: He's a huge influence, especially production-wise. We're all fans of The Beatles, too. And The Killers, The Talking Heads, The Smiths, and The Clash.

Seeing as it's almost Shark Week, do any of you have a favorite shark?
Tucker Jameson: I like the hammerhead. It's badass.

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Have any of you ever eaten shark?
Matt Shearon: I recently caught a couple in Galveston, off the coast of Texas—a tiger shark and a baby hammerhead. I didn't eat them, though.

Tucker Jameson: My grandfather used to tag sharks to track them up and down the coast of Brooklyn. That's why he never taught my mother how to swim.

What's your favorite shark movie?
Chris Konte: Jaws.

Henry Miles Schuler: I'd have to say Jaws, too. Or Blue Crush. There are probably sharks in the water [in that movie] ...

Clayton Lillard: I'm going with Henry on that one.

Samuel Thompson: Sharknado!

Tucker Jameson: Finding Dory is out, too. That's going to be good.

Watch the video for "Shadows in the Sunset" above, and buy Killin' Machine for $10 on the iTunes Store.