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Clone of Stand Up 2 Cancer 2 Shannen D
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

The 45-year-old Beverly Hills, 90201 alum walked the red carpet at the Music Center's Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on Friday for the fifth annual Stand Up to Cancer telethon before expressing her gratitude to the cancer community.

Dressed in a Stand Up to Cancer T-shirt, black pants, and oversize gray cardigan, the actress was all smiles. She wrapped a colorful scarf over her head, which she shaved in July before beginning her new rounds of chemotherapy treatments.

Afterwards, she took to Instagram to reflect on the evening.

"This night meant so much to so many people including myself," she wrote. "I'm forever humbled by the stories I heard tonight and the people I met."

Doherty went on to express her gratitude for all involved in the event.

"Thank you to all the amazing volunteers and crew that made this event happen, she said. "Thank you to everybody at Stand Up to Cancer who are so dedicated in trying to find a cure and give people with cancer better alternatives."

"I feel blessed to be a part of the cancer family tonight and to of witnessed such love," she added.

While on the red carpet of the Stand Up to Cancer event—which she walked with husband Kurt and physician Dr. Lawrence Piro—Doherty said she's feeling "more me" lately.

"I've been given a really interesting opportunity and one that in a way, I kind of feel blessed," Doherty told ET in an interview. "Cancer has, in a strange way, done some amazing things for me. It's allowed me to be more me, like much more in touch with who I am, and much more vulnerable and the person that I always was, but I think it got hidden behind a lot of other stuff."

The Charmed star's chemotherapy is "nearly finished," after starting the treatment in July.

"Shannon is doing amazing," Dr. Lawrence Piro said. "We have just a few more weeks of treatment, and then we'll be nearly finished with the chemotherapy."

The actress said battling cancer is all about courage.

"I hope they take away the fact that you have to be strong and put yourself out there and have courage and be a warrior," she said. "And for me, one of the most important things is for them, their messages, their stories, their love, their support has given me courage. And I thank them for that wholeheartedly."