By Brandi Fowler
Updated Sep 10, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

Talk about an epic night. Shania Twain served up four stunning Greta Constantine looks as host of the Canadian Country Music Awards on Sunday, while also scooping up four major awards, the most of any artist of the night. The country music icon nabbed the Generation Award, Apple Music Fans’ Choice Award, and the top-selling album and top-selling Canadian album awards for her latest album “Now.”

Shania Twain
Credit: George Pimentel Photography

Every time Twain hit the stage, she dazzled, sporting an off-the-shoulder pink sequined dress, a shimmery purple number, a strapless red evening gown, and a billowy purple dress cinched at the waist with a hot-pink belt. The “You’re Still The One” singer, who described her CCMA wardrobe as “gorgeous and colorful,” told InStyle her favorite look of the night was the pink sequined dress she wore on the red carpet. “I haven’t done a red carpet in a few years so I wanted something really fun and bright,” she said. “It was also incredibly comfortable and it just felt really special.”

To create the looks, Twain teamed up with celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney and Greta Constantine design duo Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong. "We've had the honor of dressing many industry trailblazers — diverse women that push boundaries and embrace the challenges that tomorrow brings," Kirk Pickersgill told us. Stephen Wong continued, adding, "For us, working with Shania was a particularly special experience given her genuine excitement for fashion and an eagerness to take risks."

For the full lowdown, we caught up with Mulroney and got all the details on how she styled the music star’s looks, what she learned by working with her, and more!

Shania Twain
Credit: George Pimentel Photography

We’ve seen celebrity hosts go over the top with the number of looks that they wear on stage. How did you narrow Shania’s down to just four for her hosting duties and how difficult (or easy) was the process?

JM: The process was quite easy because she looks good in everything! We started working together in May and quickly settled on the designer, Greta Constantine, as well as the looks shortly thereafter. I was just so thrilled that she wanted to specifically work with a Canadian designer on this project. She knows what she wants but was also very open to my ideas and direction. It was a real collaboration.

When you were coming up with the concept of Shania’s looks for the awards show, what sort of vibe were you going for?

JM: I wanted elegance and glamour intertwined with her whimsy and some subtle nods to country.

Shania Twain
Credit: George Pimentel Photography

How much input did Shania have?

JM: Shania is very hands on; no detail is lost on her. She knows what works for her and what doesn’t. Each look had an element that she loved or reminded her of something she wore in the past. But she can rock a pantsuit like nobody else.

Shania is known for her statement-making fashion choices, but did she go out of her comfort zone with any of the looks?

JM: Think about all the bold choices that Shania has made over the course of her career that have become nothing short of iconic: I don’t believe anything was out of her comfort zone! She wears clothes, the clothes don’t wear her. That being said, I do believe she is in a different phase or her life and her career and the clothes we picked represent her, the modern and glamorous Shania.

Shania Twain
Credit: Pete Power/The Canadian Press/AP

What did you hope the audience’s reaction would be as Shania stepped out in each look?

JM: I wanted to see jaws drop. And honestly, we can say: mission accomplished. It was an updated, confident, glamorous, and iconic Shania. She radiated style and beauty, not only because of the clothes, but because she truly loves the stage, her fans and celebrating country music.

JM: What was your favorite part about working with Shania on this project?

Being able to work with a true trailblazer, a woman who has paved the way for so many other artists was a real honor. I am a big supporter of Canadian fashion, so add that to the mix and I was in heaven. She is as authentic and hard working as they come. Collaborating with her as a Canadian woman was a real dream.

In terms of fashion/style, what is one thing you learned about Shania during this process that you didn't know before?

JM: Again, no detail goes unnoticed. Shania is involved in every aspect of her life. As a stylist, I love to be collaborative and she really gave me so much time which helps my process tremendously. Some jobs are easier than others. Working with Shania was a a walk in the park, not only because she is beautiful but because she really cares.