More than 10 years ago, country singer Shania Twain was bitten by a tick—one of those creepy, crawly blood-sucking insects. And, while it may not seem like a big deal, the consequences of that one bite were bigger than she could have ever imagined.

In a new interview with the Herald Sun, the 52-year-old singer detailed the serious medical issues she faced after contracting Lyme Disease and how she overhauled her lifestyle to ensure it never happens again in preparation for her comeback from a 15-year musical hiatus.

The tick bite in question happened in the middle of her 2003 Up! Tour, and according to past interviews, Twain quickly felt the effects of the disease.

“It’s a debilitating disease and extremely dangerous," Twain told the National Post last year. "You can’t play around with it, so you’ve got to check yourself for ticks. In my case I was lucky that I saw a tick fall off me. But a lot of people don’t even realize that they got bit."

“The symptoms kick in fairly quickly and I was on tour, so I almost fell off the stage every night. I was very, very dizzy and didn’t know what was going on.”

Twain explained to the Herald Sun that she eventually lost her voice for several years as a result of the condition, and, for a while, she didn't know if she'd ever be able to sing again. When she eventually recovered, the "You're Still The One" singer made several lifestyle changes, focusing on maintaining her good health for her upcoming tour, which kicks off May 3 in Tacoma, Washington, and rough nights on the road ahead.

"I take my health seriously," Twain told the source. "There is a lot of discipline involved for me personally, eating properly, getting the right amount of rest, self-care, and self-maintenance."

Twain isn't the only celebrity to battle the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease. Yolanda Hadid has long been candid about her struggle with the condition, and two of her children, Bella and Anwar, have battled it, as well.

“Eleven counties, five states, 104 doctors later, I still wonder sometimes if I will ever be able to live a normal life again," Hadid explained at the Global Lyme Alliance gala in 2015. "I honestly don’t have the proper words in my vocabulary to describe to you the darkness, the pain, and the unknown hell I’ve lived these past four years.”

Other stars who have Lyme Disease, include Alec Baldwin, Avril Lavigne, and Kelly Osbourne.