Shakira Hilariously Documents the Struggles of Taking the Perfect Selfie

Shakira - Lead
Photo: Xavi Torrent/WireImage

Taking the perfect selfie is no easy task, even for genetically gifted celebrities. It's hard enough to worry about the right lighting and angles without factoring in bad hair days or heavy winds that can quickly ruin a gorgeous shot, as Shakira demonstrated in her latest social media post.

On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to post a photo of herself posing against the backdrop of a sunlit field, and at first glance, the gorgeous shot looks definitely Instagram-worthy. The stunning mom-of-two showed off her natural beauty with a big smile and one hand scrunches up her voluminous blonde locks in what appears an effortless, spur-of-the-moment shot, but in this case, appearances are deceiving.

"Stay tuned for the behind the scenes of this selfie," the Columbian stunner mysteriously captioned the snap:

The ''La Bicicleta" singer then posted a hilarious video that her husband Gerard Piqué shot of her behind-the-scenes efforts to construct the perfect selfie. Long-haired women and men can relate to the epic battle between her locks and the wind to get a flattering photo.

"What us girls have to go through to get a selfie," the singer captioned the video, which shows her flipping her hair and trying out different angles to avoid the wind. Watch it here:

The selfie struggle is real!

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