By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jun 21, 2018 @ 4:45 pm

While Melania Trump’s last season $39 “I Really Don’t Care” jacket takes Twitter by storm, you may have missed another controversial fashion item: Shakira’s Nazi-like necklace.

2018, what a year.

German outlet Bento first noticed that the pop star’s El Dorado Tour merch included a necklace that bears a striking resemblance to a sun pattern used by Nazis. According to Newsweek, the graphic is the Black Sun, Schwarze Sonne in German. It first appeared in a mosaic at the Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, a proposed home base for the SS party under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler, a Nazi in Adolf Hitler’s inner circle. Today, neo-Nazi followers use the Black Sun symbol, and according to Bento, similar images are forbidden in Germany.

The necklace, which contained the words “Shakira El Dorado Would Tour,” retailed for $10 on Shakira’s online store, but has since been removed. Other merch includes a tote bag, an iPhone case, a poster, a hat, and other inoffensive products. On Twitter, users familiar with the symbol called her out.

Others argued that while the symbol was appropriated by Nazis, it actually may have roots in other cultures.

Considering there’s no reported history of Shakira being a Nazi or a fascist, this was likely an oversight on her team’s behalf. Still, someone should have brushed up on their history.