By Sydney Mondry
Updated Jan 04, 2016 @ 8:45 am
Shaker & Spoon Launch
Credit: Courtesy of Shaker & Spoon

We love testing new, intricate cocktail recipes, but tracking down each (oftentimes, obscure) ingredient can be tricky. The solution? A monthly subscription box service, like Shaker & Spoon ($40/month). Each month's delivery contains three step-by-step original recipes with enough ingredients to make four of each cocktail, including syrups made in-house, bitters, garnishes, and even bar tools.

The recipes are created with the help of professional bartenders and are meant to teach budding mixologists how to whip up a wide range of beverages, like the “Fire In Your Belly,” which combines green-tea-like kukicha twig syrup, spicy hellfire tincture, floral celery bitters, and bright orange zest for an aromatic and punchy bourbon cocktail. Get the ingredients in January’s Winter Bourbon box and try it for yourself!