Shailene Woodley
Credit: Giampaolo Sgura

Our list of reasons why we love Shailene Woodley keeps growing: She’s beautiful, intelligent, super down-to-earth—and she makes her own toothpaste?

Yes, and it's made with clay. What’s more is the actress actually whips up most of her own eco-beauty products. InStyle's June cover girl, lead of this summer’s must-see romance, The Fault in Our Stars (out June 6), truly believes in the beauty of nature. In fact, four years ago, while on a trip to Hawaii, she spotted a big, beautiful leaf that sparked a revelation. “I thought about how the same leaf would be so different in just a few months—just like life, it’s so fleeting and constantly changing,” says Woodley. The four-month stay on the island was an eye-opening adventure. “It woke me up. The abundance of nature was one I had never been exposed to. It was literally paradise.”

And that’s exactly the mentality she carries—to live with creativity, kindness and gratitude. She channels her resourceful and compassionate energy into every day life; whether that may be couch-surfing on friends' homes, thrift shopping (although she hasn't "bought a piece of clothing in a year or two"), or snacking on beets after she roasts them to make lip stain.

When Woodley’s not busy filming a top box office movie, collecting fresh herbs, or hiking up mountains to source spring water near her family’s home in Simi Valley, Calif., she’s creating her own natural beauty must-haves. Here, Shai shares the full deets on how to make your very own—with the ingredients straight from your kitchen! Read on for her eco-beauty tips and recipes.

For ToothpasteMix a little bit of safe clay, like bentonite or zeolite with coconut water and 1 to 2 drops of essential oils such as peppermint or cinnamon. “Sometimes, I find essential oils overpowering, in which case, I leave them out. It’s important to seek out good quality oils—my favorite brand is Living Libations.” When you’re done brushing, you can actually swallow the toothpaste “to get a dose of minerals.”

For Lip Stain“Beets are my go-to for lip color.” Roast one for 30 to 50 minutes at 350 degrees, depending on the size of the beet. When cool, rub it on your lips. “I eat them after!” Also try it with raw cherries and pomegranates.

For EyeshadowTo add color on the eyes, try a greens powder such as spirulina. (Studies show the superfood alga is enriched with antioxidants; you can mix into water and drink.) “I source mine from Longevity Warehouse—when wet, it works as a liner.”

For Face“To remove face makeup and cleanse skin, I use sea buckthorn oil from Living Libations, morning and night. I swear by their product—it completely changed my skin. Before, I had combo skin, and now it’s smooth and not too oily or dry.”

For HairAs a conditioning treatment, lather your tresses with coconut or olive oil. “I’ll put 1 tbsp on my thick hair for a few minutes before bed and rinse out. It will leave your hair oily if you use too much, so start with small quantities to find out how much works best for your hair type.

For DeodorantTo keep you fresh, mix together 3 tbsp baking soda, 1–3 tbsp coconut oil, 1–2 tbsp arrowroot powder, and a few drops of essential oil blends. “I like lavender, sage, pepper, tea tree, and bergamot."

For more on Shailene Woodley's exclusive interview with writer Sara Vilkomerson, pick up the June issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download May 16.