By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Nov 09, 2015 @ 7:30 pm
Shadescout App - Lead

Have you ever seen a necklace, handbag, or even a car, and thought, "Hey, that color would be great as a nail polish?" No need to search the rainbow of colors at your local Sephora—there's an app for that.

Get ready to clear out some memory on your iPhone and make room for Shadescout Nails, an innovative app that will find a nail polish match to literally any hue in the spectrum. Aside from the fact that we can now live out our childhood dreams of painting with all the colors of the wind (thanks, Disney), the program makes it a lot easier to find a lacquer that to perfectly complement your statement accessory, vampy fall lipstick, or even track down an alternative to your favorite discontinued polish.

Simply take a photo of the color you want to hunt down with your camera, and Shadescout Nails will pull a handful of polishes that are an exact match. Currently, the app contains a list of over 25 brands ranging from luxury to drugstore in a variety of finishes. We're especially obsessed with the Shade Mosaic function, which helps to ease the process of hunting down nail polish to complement a particular color—like those bridesmaid dresses for your BFF's wedding—and if you browse the selections under the Featured Shades category, you'll be able to check out what's trending among celebrities and beauty buffs on social media. Once you've narrowed down your color selection, you can purchase the products of your choosing directly on the app.

Download the app for free now on the iTunes App store, and get ready for your nail polish collection to grow in a big way.