By Marianne Mychaskiw
Jul 31, 2015 @ 12:30 pm
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The rules of wearing fragrance during a heat wave can be tricky if you're not exactly a shy violet. Though the general rule of thumb is to go for lighter notes, for some skin types, the airy florals and citruses tend to fade quickly or disappear entirely, and then there are those of us who prefer the heavier, heady aromas of scents that ooze a certain sex-kitten appeal. Wearing versions of the deep, heady perfumes you love during the cooler months is totally possible, provided that you seek out the eau de toilette of the original, or determine the elements that you love from your signature, and seek them out in other formulas. We put together a list of the 8 sexiest fragrances that play upon the sultry notes we love, but won't be too overpowering in a heat wave. Shop each one below!