The details are coming from SJP herself.

By Christopher Luu
Updated Jun 26, 2019 @ 8:45 pm

Conspiracy theorists, pat yourselves on the back. The government admitted to spending tax dollars on investigating UFOs. It even admitted to hunting for Bigfoot. Now, another eternal mystery is solved. Consider the once-cold case of Carrie Bradshaw's mismatched shoes in "Escape from New York," from Sex and the City's third season, solved. It's the episode that finds everyone's favorite New Yorkers smack-dab in the middle of Los Angeles and has Carrie Bradshaw wearing two different color shoes.

The clashing kicks have been a fan favorite ever since the episode aired. There was no explanation for the different color shoes and none of the characters even mentioned it, because when Carrie Bradshaw wears shoes, there's never an explanation. Die-hard fans of SATC and of fashion don't have to speculate any longer, because Sarah Jessica explained it all with a comment on Instagram account Every Outfit on Sex & the City.

"Here is the official answer and I'm sure approved by the great and legendary @patriciafield," Parker's comment reads. "We had 2 pairs of what I believe are @louboutinworld scrappy [sic] sandals. Pat and I chose to do 1 of each. Perhaps because both were so delicious in color and seemed in harmony with the dress but also because we simply loved doing 1 of each. Sending my best. And hope this is a satisfactory answer. Xxx."

Every Outfit on Sex & the City had other, more complicated, suggestions, writing, "Did Carrie buy these mismatched sandals straight off the rack? Or did she purchase two separate pairs and mix them together herself? Are they a metaphor for her inability to choose between Aidan and Big?" in its original post. While those theories are all well and good, they ultimately all lead to dead ends. Thanks to SJP's very own words and Instagram's unique brand of sleuthing — and the platform's ability to connect celebs with their fans and fan accounts — everyone now knows that the shoe choice was just a matter of having too much of a good thing.

Fans applauded SJP's response, with celebs like vintage clothing maestro Cameron Silver writing "Goddess Has Spoken. Amen." and other followers calling her a "legend" and "queen." Commenters even want to petition to change "strappy" to "scrappy" because what SJP says is always the ultimate truth. When shoes are involved, it really is her world. We're just living in it.