Baby Tate was shocking for more reasons than you think.

The biggest controversies in Sex and the City may involve Carrie and Big, Carrie and Aidan, and Carrie and the Russian, but one particular scene, which was supposed to sever any hope for fans looking for a Carrie-Aidan reunion, may just overshadow any of the romantic entanglements on the show. According to eagle-eyed viewers, during a scene in the first episode of season 6, "To Market, To Market," Aidan is using his baby carrier incorrectly when he introduces Tate to Carrie. For some fans, baby safety trumps broken hearts.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, actor John Corbett explains that the whole season 6 appearance was tossed together pretty haphazardly. He said that the producers were ready to have everyone move on from the Carrie-Aidan relationship and they'd asked him to come back just to tie up any loose ends.

Sex and the City Aidan Baby
Credit: HBO

"But [the show just was] ready to move on and so, they came up with this idea, 'How can we just put a nail in this coffin?'" he said. "And it was stick him on the street with a baby and the audience will see that he moved on, and that'll be that."

The baby is the root of the issue, however. Long after the show aired its last episode, people are talking about baby Tate facing out. According to experts, babies can safely be carried facing outwards when they're about six months old. Following Sex and the City's timeline, Carrie and Aidan's impromptu rendezvous happened 16 months after their breakup. That would put Tate (who was played by Sarah Jessica Parker's actual son) somewhere around 7 months old if Aidan managed to move on very quickly. Some babies actually prefer facing in until they're a year old, but for safety reasons, sources say that babies younger than 6 months shouldn't face outward, even if it makes for a better TV moment.

"While you can safely and comfortably have your baby front facing in a baby carrier starting at 6 months old, most babies are happy to be held in the front inward facing position past 6 months old," Dr. Henrik Norholt explained on Ergobaby's website. "Some even prefer facing inward in a carrier until they’re 12 months old, which is why this is the optimal position we recommend for parents and babies."

Baby safety took a back seat to quieting fans, according to Corbett. The episode would mark his very last appearance on the show, though he did return for the franchise's second film.

"I don't think they did the timeline in their minds," Corbett said. "I think they just wanted to stop people asking for Aidan again and concentrate on getting on with the show."

Baby aside, Corbett thinks that the show's writing team made the right choice having Carrie end up with Mr. Big. The way he sees it, everything worked out the way it should have.

"I don't think she would’ve been happy living with Aidan!" Corbett said. "Do you? I don't think so. I think she needed to end up exactly where she ended up."