Seth Meyers: "I Wear One Tie for Two Years"

Seth Meyers Weekend Update
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When we spotted funny guy Seth Meyers at the Golden Hearts Gala in New York looking ultra-dapper in a Michael Kors suit and tie, we couldn't help but think of another suit-and-tie look he dons on a regular basis. We're referring to his style as host of Saturday Night Live's recurring sketch, Weekend Update. From behind the desk, Meyers's maroon tie-adorned collar is as reliable as flowers in spring, so we had to ask him how he picks out his staple accessory: "I wear one tie for two years until it becomes so frayed we have to switch to a new tie," Meyers told "I’m a real creature of habit. Then when they replace the tie, I don’t even notice it’s different!" (Really!?!, Seth, Really!?!) But, seriously, whatever he's doing, it's working! Tune in to NBC tonight at 11:30 p.m. EST to see Seth and his ties in all their glory!

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