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Updated Oct 19, 2012 @ 4:20 pm
The Sessions Film
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New movie The Sessions is something completely different for actress Helen Hunt for one blaringly obvious reason. “I’m naked five minutes into the movie—that makes it different!” Hunt told at the Toronto International Film Festival recently. The Ben Lewin-directed film, in theaters today, tells the story of Mark, a paralyzed man in an iron lung (played by Oscar nominee John Hawkes) who wants to lose his virginity, while Hunt plays Cheryl, the “sex surrogate” hired to give him his wish. “I told myself to just throw my heart and soul and body into playing this woman who’s actually the embodiment of a positive look at sex, a positive feeling about sex,” Hunt told “I like the idea of getting to be that.” William H. Macy plays Mark’s priest Father Brendan, who helps him cope with the moral ramifications of paying for Hunt’s services. “We were just weeping like babies when we saw the film because it’s so moving,” Macy told (Many are saying it's got award-season potential!) Up for a good cry this weekend? Find out where the film is playing near you.

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