One person's wardrobe malfunction is another's #ootd.


Just when you thought woman had found all possible variations on the shirtdress and heels combo, Serena Williams revolutionized the game (it’s kind of her thing).

The tennis superstar, businesswoman, designer, and new mom confidently stepped out in N.Y.C. on Wednesday in a belted patterned shirtdress from her Serena line and a pair of metallic red pumps — but not all was biz as usual with the athlete’s spring-y look … In a photograph taken in front of Buzzfeed's office, the 37-year-old is staring directly at the camera, the skirt of her dress parted at the bottom to reveal a flash of white underwear or a possible swath of a bodysuit.

Far be it from a wardrobe malfunction, Williams appears to have styled her dress to reveal the undergarment on purpose — in fact, it looks like she’s pulling the hem of her skirt away from her leg.

Three’s a trend, so we’ll be patiently waiting for Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski to follow suit. In the meantime, guess we should up our underwear game?