"Everyone needs to know how amazing she is."


Serena Williams is opening up about how happy she was to have Meghan Markle's support during her U.S. Open finals match last week.

In a clip from an interview with E! News, the tennis champion praised the Duchess of Sussex for flying all the way across the pond for a quick trip just to be there for a friend.

"Meghan is amazing," Williams said. "She literally flew across the seas just to support for a few hours with a newborn baby."

"She is the most positive, amazing human that I know," she added. "Everyone needs to know how amazing she is. I don’t know if I could have done that with my daughter at that age. But she did it. And that shows the kind of person that she is."

Last weekend, Meghan made a surprise trip to N.Y.C. without Prince Harry and Archie to see Williams play at the U.S. Open, arriving on Friday and leaving Sunday.

While trolls denounced the duchess as "bad luck" after Williams lost the match, it's clear that the tennis star is nothing but grateful to have her friend cheer her on.