Pregnant Serena Williams Still Owns the Tennis Court

In the two months since Serena Williams announced her pregnancy, the expectant star has continued to be her badass-athlete self.

On Thursday, in a helpful reminder that at the end of the day she can basically do it all, the tennis pro posted a video that shows herself on the court for a workout sesh.

She confidently shows off her strokes and she returns the tennis ball across the net to her partner. Watch the clip here:

Since the star won the Australian Open while eight-weeks pregnant, this may or may not come as a surprise. Either way, it seems likely that her and fiancé Alexis Ohanian's baby will be born ready to play.

While Williams is busy embracing the experience of being pregnant, Ohanian is nothing but excited too.

“What am I looking forward to? I’m looking forward to this being my greatest creation,” he said in a new interview with The Cut. He went on to explain that while co-founding Reddit has been a major accomplishment, becoming a father “is everything, this is family.”

On top of expressing his joy, Ohanian also revealed that the happy couple, like any, is also nervous for what’s to come. They’re using the What to Expect app to track the baby’s progress and also turning to Reddit forums for parents-to-be. Tips he’s picked up? How to arrange linens for newborns. According to his learnings, you’re supposed to “layer the crib mattress so when that first layer is ruined, you just pull the sheet off and have another totally clean padded sheet underneath,” he added.

He has also figured out how to make sure his two dogs fall in love with the baby. The plan is to drape the baby in a blanket he and Williams sleep with and later let the dogs get used to the scent, and eventually to the baby.

Sounds like these two have it all figured out.

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